What size mantel do I need?

You’ll need to determine the best length, shelf depth, and thickness for your fireplace mantel. The length of your mantel depends on the width and height of your surround.  If your stone/brick goes to the ceiling, you normally come in 2-4 inches from the edge.  If your stone/brick comes up to meet your mantel you normally go 2-4 inches over the end.  Your shelf depth can depend on what you plan on putting on your mantel for decoration.  Standard depth is 9 inches.  The thickness depends on the height of your ceiling.  You want your mantel to be in proportion to your room.  If your ceiling is standard height - 8-10 feet, your mantel should be 5 inches thick or less.

If you need additional help, please give us a call at 805-376-2423 or toll free at 844-258-1546. You can also check our Measuring Guide for help in determining the right rustic wood mantel for your fireplace space. As a point of reference, our average size beam mantel is 72 inches in length with a shelf depth of 9 inches and a thickness of about 5 inches.

What mantel style is best for my fireplace?

​We build mantels from reclaimed wood or from newer materials to create the exact look you want for the best price. We can create a mantel that is more or less distressed according to your desire.  Choose from our most popular styles on the Reclaimed Wood Products or look for a custom idea in our Gallery or Facebook or Instagram.  We sometimes have additional finishes that have not been added to our website yet. If you can take a picture of your fireplace and surrounding area, send us an email at contact@rusticwoodaccents.com with an image attachment and your phone number, and we’ll give you a call with our recommendations.

How do I order?

You can place an order in several ways. You can purchase directly through our website, you can place a request for a custom order at our Custom Mantels page, you can call us at 805-376-2423 or toll free at 844-258-1546, or send us an email at contact@rusticwoodaccents.com

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