Where do we get our wood?

Where do we get our wood?

Published by Rustic Wood Accents Team on 29th Aug 2017

PIcture of Barn

Reclaimed Industrial Wood

Salvaged Live Edge Oak Slabs

The first question we always get from everyone is, "Where do you get your wood?"

Where we get our wood depends on the type of wood.  Regardless of the type of wood, we specialize in using reclaimed or salvaged wood for creating custom home furnishings. 

We use industrial reclaimed wood from near here for the custom mantels we distress and stain, reclaimed hand hewn and rough sawn barn wood that we clean and sometimes oil or stain, and salvaged wood slabs for mantels, shelves countertops or tables.

The industrial reclaimed wood comes from old mansions and homes from the Los Angeles area that have been torn down. We hand pick the best wood for the various sizes and styles of custom mantels we create.

The reclaimed barn wood comes from barns in the Mid West that are torn down, usually for structural reasons.  We work with companies that pay the dismantlers to take down the barn and ship it to California.  We then select a variety of beams in sizes and rustic levels to fit all our customers needs.  

The salvaged slabs come from local trees that have fallen, been milled, and kiln dried.  We again hand pick the slabs for a variety of projects yet to be determined.

It is always fun finding new wood, especially when we find something extremely unique.  To see the reclaimed wood go from looking like something most people would throw away to a beautiful piece of art is the best part of what we do. 

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