Rustic Specialist

Rustic Specialist

Published by Rustic Wood Accents Team on 22nd May 2018

All day long,  6 days a week we work on rustic wood.  Many people have joked with us that making a rustic mantel is just dragging the beam behind a car and hitting it with chains.  We consider creating a rustic mantel from reclaimed wood as an art.  Many of our customers have expressed that their mantel is "more beautiful than they had expected".  Some customers have come to us after ordering their mantel from a larger online company and received a product that looks machine made.   As we hand chisel and sand, keeping the client's vision in mind, we work organically bringing out the unique highlights of the wood. Sometimes we need to be wood doctors, gluing pieces back together and other times we are sanding it to make it less rustic.  

We have partnered with contractors who will make trim from new wood and we distress the wood to make it rustic and apply the finish to match the mantel.  

When we work with hand hewn beams from the 1800's, we are cleaning them with brushes and small picks to get all the loose dirt off while keeping the patina and the character created from 150 years of weathering. 

After years of experience, we have continually learned how to better create a piece that looks natural and beautiful.  Our goal is for you to have a mantel that you love and can enjoy for years to come.

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