Partnering with other small businesses

Partnering with other small businesses

Published by Rustic Wood Accents Team on 1st Apr 2019

At Rustic Wood Accents we believe in partnering with other small businesses and community members whenever we can.   For local installations, we recommend local contractors to install your mantel or other product from us.  It gives them the opportunity to meet homeowners, earn their trust, and complete larger projects in the clients home they may have.  We partner with a local welder to make brackets and table legs.  He is able to customize the size, color, and type of product you want to fit your project.  When we had a pop up art show, we had a local art collective display their pieces and partnered with our neighbor, Studio 316 who also had an art show at the same time. 

We recently joined the Greater Chamber of Commerce of Conejo Valley and have met other businesses who can refer us to their clientle and have met people who can help our business grow.  

We love the community we have lived in for 25+ years- the Conejo Valley.  We are adjacent to the Santa Monica Mountains with tons of hiking and biking trails, oak trees, and beautiful views.  The oak slabs we get come from a local ranch from trees that have fallen.  

Our philosphy is to share our knowledge, our contacts, and resources whenever we can.  The people we have met and partnered with will be friends for life.

Oak Tree Grove

Ribbon Cutting

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