L Shaped or Wrap Around Mantels add a Custom Finished look

L Shaped or Wrap Around Mantels add a Custom Finished look

Published by Rustic Wood Accents Team on 27th Oct 2014

Many times the walls surrounding your fireplace may extend out into the room to accommodate for the chimney or venting of your fireplace. The portion of your fireplace that extends out into the room is referred to as a "chase", "buildout" or "wrap around". This can make selecting the proper size of mantel more challenging.  Often the best solution is a custom fabricated beam mantel that wraps around the sides of your fireplace and returns towards the wall behind it.  These returns can be as shallow as 3" - 4" or they can add an entire 24" or more of mantel shelf on 1 or 2 sides of the face of the mantel.  At Rustic Wood Accents we custom miter the corners to hide all end cuts and our detailed finishing process helps hide the seams. The result is stunning as it appears that one continuous beam wraps around all sides of your fireplace.  All styles can be found at www.rusticwoodaccents.com  Give us a call and we'd be happy to walk you through the process of upgrading your home with a wrap around mantel.


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