Fireplace Mantel Design Ideas

Fireplace Mantel Design Ideas

Published by Rustic Wood Accents Team on 18th Sep 2017

Many customers look to Rustic Wood Accents for assistance and guidance designing a fireplace mantel. Utilizing years of experience, we love to help explore the options for the right size, finish, and type of wood to use for your home, apartment, condominium, or backyard.

The first thing we suggest is to find some inspirational pictures of what you like. That gives us a starting point to help you decide on the type of wood that would be best. We can see if you are looking for barn wood, either hand-hewn or rough sawn or industrial reclaimed wood that we make either smooth and contemporary or distressed and rustic. Pictures also gives us an idea on the color scheme you are leaning towards. Another option are old logs that are round on 3 sides and hand-hewn on one, perfect for a cabin or rustic living space. 

Additionally, information such as, does your surround go floor to ceiling or half way up your wall is very helpful in determining the length of your mantel. Traditionally, if your surround goes floor to ceiling, your mantel comes in 2-4 inches from the ends, if your surround goes halfway up, your mantel hangs over the ends by 2-4 inches. The height of your ceiling determines how thick your mantel should be. The depth of your mantel is determined by what you want to be able to put on it and the size of your room or living space. Everything ultimately comes down to your personal preferences. Some people prefer more shelf like mantels while others like a big chunky mantel. Are you looking for a coastal look or is your home more traditional? Do you want a wraparound or straight mantel?  Many people are inspired by HGTV shows that blend traditional with rustic. We think that works beautifully because you are bringing natural elements into your home to create balance with modern or contemporary furnishings.

Our goal is to recreate the vision you have for your project with a reclaimed wood art piece that is distinctively unique and one-of-a-kind.

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