Creating new finishes

Creating new finishes

Published by Rustic Wood Accents Team on 13th May 2019

Every mantel and wood product we make is custom to our client’s vision. With so many colors in the world sometimes the finishes we have online or in our showroom are not exactly what our clients are looking for.

What do we do if that is the case?

Our first step is to see if one of our test samples will work for you. We have created many test samples over the years for our clients that never made it past a small sample. For some of those samples, we ended up creating mantels or another wood product and have pictures to match.

Another part of the process is getting inspirational pictures to make sure we fully understand your vision. We look at the details in the pictures to make sure we are seeing the same thing and understanding what you like and don’t like about the pictures.  We look at the color of the fireplace surround that will be adjacent to to the mantel.  Usually you want the mantel to have contrast to your fireplace surround.

Many clients have come into our showroom with a drawer or cabinet door they would like to match. We work together to find a color that works best with your furniture. If the wood species is different, you can’t always use the same stain and expect it to come out the same.

If we don’t have a test sample that is right, we will go out and buy stain or blend to get the right color. We really enjoy this part of the process. While it is not always easy, it is fun.

If you are looking for a barnwood mantel, we say three things need to come together to find the right one, the size, the rusticness, and the color. If the color is not right, we will clean the top patina layer off to get to the natural color of the wood. This is usually a tan color. Many people want their mantel to be dark, so we will test the back side with various finishes to get the right color. Using a tinted oil on barnwood is the best way to get a natural look where you can still see much of the character of the wood.

We are a small shop that prides itself on attention to detail. Our goal is to create a product that you will love for years, even decades to come.  

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